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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 22, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the u.s. defense department is taking action after a so-called terrorist or minnline threat. reporter: names pictures, home addresses, more than 100 military personnel exposed online. the message? kill those we've listed. >> people can be inspired to kill the military in the united states. reporter: the group behind the list calls itself the islamic state hacking division and claims to represent isis. it says the information came
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from military records, but pentagon officials say the photos and most of the information are already available in public records and on social media. >> i worry there is increasing sophistication by these islamic terrorist organizations to manipulate social media for their own ends. reporter: the department of defense has contacted all the families listed, mostly air force and navy, and warned all military members and families to limit what they post on social media. concerns remain about how vulnerable they may be. >> the kind of activities they have engaged in in the past few months specifically asking followers and supporters to carry out attacks. reporter: the fbi is also monitoring the situation, but the focus right now is trying to stop sympathizers from answering that call. kimberly: nearly a year ago, a
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landslide disrupted lives in the piscataway road area of prince george's county. tom roussey explains why they cannot return home. >> they have made some progress. >> we are skeptically happy. to m: the county told him things would get worse before it gets better. last spring, the hill above the skied way drive gave way. to make it safe again would mean six months of construction, no cars or people able to get by on this section of piscataway drive. the residents who want to stay will have to go around the road. one option, walking down a steep hill through the woods, but imagine doing this carrying groceries. >> i would rather go by water. tom: that is exactly what she
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plans to do, park her car elsewhere and using her dock. >> we will help our neighbors as well. tom: for those who prefer the land route? >> we will build paths and work together. tom: it will be a rough six months in summer not sure what they will do. >> we have to wait and see how inconvenient it is to bring things in and out. tom: residents were told last night that construction will start late this spring and end late this fall. in addition to the homes that way, five homes at the top of the hill have been condemned. the county says they are negotiating with the homeowners to buy them out, but one homeowner says there has not been much negotiating at all lately. tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: metro has deactivated lighted handrails at five silver line stations for safety
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reasons. a hand real caught fire at the greensboro station. another was seen smoldering in the tysons corner station the next day. the handrails will be back at his service once they are fixed. metro says it will install temporary lighting until that happens. an estimated 400,000 rate kits sit in crime labs nationwide waiting to be tested. vice president biden says that is about to change. brad bell looks at the newest initiative to bring justice to victims. brad: helen stands right next to the vice president and summons the courage to tell her story. >> when my induction took place in 1996, i was 17. brad: she went to the police, her body examined for dna evidence. it was put into a so-called rape kit for analysis in a dna lab, but like hundred's of thousands
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across the country, it sat untouched for years. >> it was the invisible injustice. brad: today she joined the vice president and senator barbara mikulski at the announcement of $40 million newly available to help police agencies eliminate the backlog. vice president biden: testing rape kits should be an absolute priority. brad: it took helen's over 10 years to be tested. >> for a victim to be able to leave her home, to the survivor standing here today, i cannot wonder how my life would have been different if this happened at 17 instead of 34. brad: brad bell abc 7 news. kimberly: local leaders are vowing to and homelessness across the nation. d.c. mayor muriel bowser, ike
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leggett, and baker signed a proclamation to that effect. mayor bowser talked about her pledge to close the shelter at d.c. general hospital and open 8 others across the city. mayor bowser: the idea is to have emergency shelter to house between 20 and 50. kimberly: we will keep you posted as we get more specific information on the plans for those shelters. spring is here, which means more people will be on streets and sidewalks. that is prompting a push to keep them safe. brianne carter shows us the spots getting the most attention. brianne: crossing the street is not only difficult but can be dangerous in the district. >> definitely a problem. brianne: watch during the lunch hour, cars in the crosswalk as pedestrians, who have the right away bash the right of way, try to get around. >> you take your life into your
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own hands for stop you try to make it safer, but you have somebody run the red from the third lane over because they want to turn left. they don't care that you have to walk. brianne: according to the d.c. department of transportation, in 2014 this was listed as one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians. >> people are walking. i know sometimes i walk before the light changes. it's kind of both sides. brianne: ddot use the information to increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. ddot conducted 200 safety studies. they have police enforcement at high crash intersections put in new crossing signals, installed nine miles of bike lanes, and installed barriers. abc 7 has learned they plan to add six more lanes -- six more
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miles of bike lanes and improve 10 more additional intersections. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- millions of boxes of mac and cheese from shelves. what you need to watch for. thousands of police and firefighters will soon descend on fairfax county. eileen: and make sure to grab your coat heading out the door monday morning. it will be a cool start.
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kimberly: the second phase of the construction project on the 16th street bridge in northwest begins. the bridge will be completely replaced. construction is set to start friday and will last for months. ddot says commuters should be prepared for major traffic instruction, including lane closure. commuters are urged to use georgia avenue to bypass the construction. the all-veterans career fair comes to fedex field thursday. the goal is to help former service members and spouses find there are -- find work. they recruit military, which goes from 11 a.m. until 3:00 in the afternoon at the stadium. and the third annapolis film festival starts thursday. films will be shown at several different locations, including st. john's college and the maryland hall for creative
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arts. ahead, it is not the olympics, but in interna competition of a different kind is coming to the area. and eileen is back with a forecast.
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kimberly: the sun makes such a difference with the temperatures. today was a tale of two cities depending on which side of the street you were on. eileen: so true, especially if
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you were under the clouds, it made it feel 10, 15 degrees cooler. right now, we are at 48 degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the north at 8. we do have a few clouds out there. that may stick with us through the early morning. it will be chilly early in the morning. the wind is calm in gaithersburg, 39, 40 andrews 50 degrees charlottesville. the wind calm in gaithersburg, but for the most part you will not have to deal with too much of a breeze tomorrow. some of the clouds that have been streaming in from the southwest associate it with the system bringing rain to tennessee in the carolinas. we don't have to deal with the rain. he high pressure moving it over the great lakes will keep the mr. at a. -- the high pressure moving in
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from the great lakes will keep the moisture at bay. today we were at 56. as the cooler air from the north sinks down, the temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than today. still cold in new england, temperatures in the 20's. tonight, 32 degrees in the city light wind, cold temperatures. the suburbs dipping into the 20's. these are the forecast lows tomorrow morning as you are waking up. it will feel chilly. even through the afternoon, with the mixture of sun and clouds, the temperatures will not rise much. about 42 degrees at recess, and by drop off time, picking them up, 46 degrees. unseasonably cooler this time of year. it is about 10 degrees cooler than that tomorrow. a little better tuesday. we climbed two degrees, but wednesday approaching 60 degrees. nearing seven degrees thursday,
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but showers and thunderstorms roll in with another cold front that takes us back down the roller coaster ride friday into next weekend. kimberly: will we see much sunshine? eileen: i think tomorrow we start with clouds and then it will become brighter. thursday definitely looks like the more cloudy and rainy day. kimberly: jacket on, jacket off. three months from now, thousands of athletes will look to descend on fairfax county for unique international competition. jeff goldberg has the preview. jeff: there is a common theme when asking people about this big event in fairfax county. did you know about the world police and fire games? >> no idea. jeff: but once they do know they are in. today launches 100 days from the start of the world police and fire games. >> the excitement is building.
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jeff: 10 games of olympics that will bring to fairfax 12,000 athletes from 70 countries delivering an economic impact of $60 million to $80 million. there will be boxing, track and field, as well as contests that come natural to the professionals. one of the first events is the firefighter stare race. -- stair race. i got to the test after suiting up with 50, 60 pounds of equipment. it was time for the climb. yes, we got there, but it was far from easy. we only did about eight floors of the 28. that is no joke. the games are coming thanks in large part to fire battalion chief gerard williams and police lieutenant beckell. they met at the games in sweden in 1999. after years of passion and
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effort, the time has come. they are sure to be proud fathers. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- how a local program is teaching kids to cook and giving them
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kimberly: a 7 on your side
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kraft is recalling 6 million boxes of mac & cheese because some boxes may contain pieces of metal. the individual boxes have a use by date of september 18. kraft has not said if injuries have been reported. the boxes can return to the store for a refund or exchange. a program does more than teaching cooking methods, it is changing hundreds of students' lives. that mix the careers through culinary arts program the latest harris' hero's. leon: it's closing time at the d.c. deli, but not for the chef and his wife. >> we are making cucumber salad. leon: they are holding a cooking class for students from dcn prince george's county, part of a careers through culinary arts program. >> and just come down.
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leon: a trains students on proper knife skills and food preparation it also gives them life skills, like how to write a resume. students get a paid internship over the summer and their senior year they compete for college scholarships. >> you come in and we get you ready for the industry. leon: the 17 euro has been in the program two years and he will be competing in the finals. he hopes to get a scholarship to the arts institute of washington and eventually his own restaurant. >> it went from being a hobby to my passion. >> i'm going to obtain my bachelors. leon: this graduate is already on her way, pursuing her trade. last year she won a 42,000 other scholarship -- $42,000
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scholarship to the art institute of washington. >> we want them to be successful in life. very good. leon: leon harris, abc 7 news. kimberly: there are more than 400 students currently enrolled in the program. two dozen have made it to the final competition, competing for more than $300,000 of scholarships. that competition takes place march 28 at oxon hill high
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